In a nutshell

This website is my free thinking space. I also use it for sharing my work and the underlying data and codes.

A few words...

It's easy to get me elated — talk to me about public policy and economics in Syria or New Zealand over a cup of black coffee. I'd enjoy the chat even more if we both knew how little we generally know and how systematically biased we can be.

​I'm Syrian. I hold a PhD in Economics and currently work as the Research Director of the Operations and Policy Center and as a Senior Lecturer on Middle East Politics at Massey University. I am also an independent consultant on Syria's political economy and a Non-Resident Scholar at the Middle East Institute. Prior to that, I worked as a Senior Analyst at the New Zealand Treasury.

For media inquiries, click here. Note that I do not write publicly or comment to the media on New Zealand policy issues due to the nature of my job.