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If you are trying to understand Syria’s political economy, I’m here to help.

Talk to me about economics, politics, or policy issues related to Syria or the region over a cup of black coffee, and you'll have my undivided attention.


I am a Syrian residing in New Zealand. I hold a PhD in Economics and work as an independent consultant, as well as a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the New Lines Institute

I am a founding partner at the Observatory of Political and Economic Networks.

I was a Nonresident Scholar at the Middle East Institute, the Research Director of the Operations and Policy Center, a Senior Analyst at the New Zealand Treasury, and a Senior Lecturer on Middle East Politics at Massey University. 


Do you have a project or a request that I can help with? I offer a range of services that suit varying needs and timeframes.

For media inquiries, click here. Otherwise, I’d love to stay in touch. I usually tweet in English and post on Facebook in Arabic. 

Karam Shaar - Syria Economy Analyst

As a subscriber, you can request to access and download the underlying data of any of my publicly available work and leaked official documents. You'll also be the first to know about new publications and events.

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