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Nov 5, 2023

Iran Reportedly Signs Transport Contracts to Ship Phosphate from Homs to Tehran

Yara Company has reportedly contracted with truck drivers from Homs to transport Syrian phosphate overland from the Badia to Iran, passing through Iraq. Due to the significant security risk associated with crossing the Syrian Badia, the source states that the cost per shipment is $2,000. The partner securing the convoys in Iraq is the Al-Nujaba PMF militia.

According to my research, Yara Company for Geology and Investment is owned by Majid Aziz Georges and Lebanese shareholders. Further research indicates that Majid’s son, Louay, partially owns two companies operating in the same field (quarries and fertilizers) named Mirsat and Golden Fertilizer, which were established last year.

The news of the phosphate transport is sourced from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

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