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Aug 9, 2022

Would Erdŏgan Actually Reconcile with Assad?

Erdŏgan is under pressure to negotiate with Assad.

You might think "no way," right? After all, he tried his best to topple Assad militarily. He harbors and supports many of Assad's opponents. He once called Assad a terrorist.

But the master of U-turns could well do it. Erdŏgan is incredibly pragmatic, which partly explains his long career at the helm of Türkiye.

Remember the downing of the Russian jet 7 years ago?

Remember his position on Egypt's Sisi and how he caved later on it?

His position on Saudi Arabia following Khashoggi's murder?

I believe he's seriously considering reconciling with Assad.

Assad might be Erdŏgan's golden card for the next elections: a way to

• facilitate the return of Syrian refugees in Türkiye

• bring the Kurdish elements opposed to Türkiye in NE Syria (the YPG) under control.

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