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Sep 20, 2021

On Sanctions: What Happened with Tarif Akhras?

Asma al-Assad's relative, Tarif Akhras, has been sanctioned by the EU since 2011 for "...benefiting from and supporting the Syrian regime." See more in my research tool with Ammar.

Tarif was recently delisted by the UK without explanation, creating a torrent of criticism against Her Majesty's Treasury, especially from Syrian activists and organizations.

What happened?

Recent signs, as tweeted by Ibrahim Hamidi today, show that Tarif is being treated in Damascus as a defector.

As it seems, there will be quite a few cases against him in Syria for "cheating and deception."

One sign suggesting that Tarif has indeed defected—or at least abandoned the regime—is not nominating himself for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Homs in 2020, which he headed in the previous round.

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