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Feb 13, 2022

New Op-Ed: “How Syria Fell into Irrelevance for the West”

Google Trends shows that Western countries are becoming increasingly disinterested in Syria. Whether searching for the word in English, French, or German, or on the news, Google, or YouTube, interest in Syria is even lower now than it was prior to the peaceful uprising.

It sounds counterintuitive, but while the level of interest is at its lowest, humanitarian needs have never been greater!

In my forthcoming op-ed for Al-Jumhuriya English, I provide my analytical views and personal reflections on "How Syria Fell into Irrelevance for the West."

So how did it happen?

My new op-ed: Link

Special thanks to the talented Nizar Faysal Mohamad, for your excellent editorial feedback on the piece. I appreciate your generosity.

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