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Feb 2, 2022

Assad’s Regime: A Colossal Shell Game

Shell companies are sprouting up all over the place within Syria, not abroad.

It's becoming arduous to map out the ownership structure of most new big companies.

This company, which had its bylaws approved two months ago, has the explicit business purpose of owning other companies. Two of the owners are the daughters of Ahmad Khalil Khalil, who has a stake in Wafa Telecom, posed to become the third telecom operator in Syria. Other documents reveal that Ahmad is from a village near Masyaf, is 53 years old, and owns 50% of another company protecting Russian phosphate shipments.

Ali Najib Ibrahim, the other owner of the new shell company, also has a stake in Wafa Telecom and is the relative of Bashar al-Assad's assistant, Yasar Ibrahim.

Neither Ali Najib Ibrahim, nor Ahmad Khalil or his daughters, are sanctioned.

Sanction them! We have all the documents. They're sucking the blood of the Syrian people and sustaining the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Sanction them, US Treasury Department and European Commission!

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