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Feb 10, 2023

Not Who You Think They Are

Semi-official Al-Watan claims that a cross-line aid convoy is held in Saraqib, a few kilometers from opposition-held Idlib, because the UN is unable to receive the aid.

The "source" warned, "Either you show up to receive it or we're going to deliver it to the needy people on our own."

How merciful!

The delay could be due to the regime's refusal to deliver the convoy as it has done numerous times, but this letter from UNOCHA suggests otherwise.

Let's assume the de facto authorities in the northwest are refusing to receive the convoy—would you blame them?

Assad would absolutely use cross-line aid to blackmail them in the future.

There was a case for cross-line aid in the first couple of days following the earthquake where cross-line wasn't an option.

Not anymore!

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