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Dec 6, 2022

Qaterji Group Brings On Russia and Lebanon as Partners in Syria's Oil Sector

Following the lifting of most subsidies on petrol and diesel in Syria in August, the Assad regime has paved the way for the Qaterji Group to start supplying these commodities privately.

BS Oil Services is registered in Lebanon, sanctioned by the US, and owned by Rabee' Alam and the Qaterji Group. It will soon supply gasoline and diesel in 5 stations, with more to come.

The photo here was sent to me by a friend in Damascus an hour ago.

The notorious Qaterjis made their wealth from cross-line trade between ISIS, the regime, and SDF during the conflict. The Gazette shows they've recently changed the ownership structure of their Syria-registered petrol company, Arfada.

It was originally owned by three Qaterjis. The recent revision of ownership shows it's now also owned by Russian and Lebanese companies. These companies are worth investigating, if someone has time.

This suggests that future shipments are likely to originate from Russia instead of Iran, which has been the typical supplier.

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