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Jul 12, 2022

Fiscal Document from the US Reveals Information about the Operations in Syria

The “Justification for Fiscal Year 2023 Overseas Operations” from the US Department of Defense reveals important information about US operations in Syria under the Train and Equip Program to Defeat ISIS. I haven't seen this info in the public domain before.

The number of Syrians receiving stipends from the US government under the program is currently 16,000, and the DoD is seeking to increase this number to 19,500 next year, primarily to focus on training new detention facility guard forces (following the al-Sina'a prison incident).

The US government expects to spend $35 million this year on training and arming these fighters. It will also spend an additional $120 million on their stipends, logistical support, and infrastructure repairs, bringing total spending on the entire program to $155 million.

Because of the plan to increase the number of Syrians supported, the required amount will be raised to $184 million in 2023.

Part of the American funding under this program goes to Maghawir al-Thawra forces, which are located at al-Tanf base.

And while tens of millions are spent on al-Thawra forces, nearly 10,000 displaced Syrians live in extreme, inhumane conditions just a few kilometres away at the Rukban camp.

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