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Jun 4, 2022

The UK’s New “World-Leading” Refugee Solution: Send Them to Rwanda. Rwanda!

Outrageous! The UK Government argues that arriving in the UK by boat is "deeply unfair because it advantages those with the means to pay people smugglers over vulnerable people who cannot."

So they crafted a "world-leading solution": send them to Rwanda.

Yes, Rwanda, where President Paul Kagame, the notorious human rights abuser, won 99% of the vote in the latest elections!

But according to Home Secretary Priti Patel, Rwanda is an "outward-looking county." Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Rwanda shares the UK's "humanitarian impulse."

The Israeli government offshored several thousand asylum-seekers to Rwanda between 2014 and 2017, but later abandoned the scheme when it emerged that some of them ended up in the hands of people-smugglers and were subjected to slavery.

The Home Office seems adamant, though, and states that the first flight carrying refugees to Kigali will leave the UK on 14 June.

A Syrian refugee, who will be separated from his teen brother if deported to Rwanda, is suicidal.

BREAKING: Laura Dubinsky, representing the UNHCR, told the UK High Court that “in light of inaccuracies,” the UNHCR had informed the Home Secretary that the Rwanda asylum plan was “unlawful.”

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